Friday, October 26, 2012

Your Tablet PC

The Tablet Pc was developed due to the success of the Laptop. A Laptop is a portable computer which allows you to sit behind a computer screen anywhere you want? The convenience and the portability of the Laptop were the two major key factors to its success. Computer manufacturers are always thinking about new ways to make a computer even more practical than the Laptop, and that is how the Tablet PC is born.

The Tablet is a computer which you can hold with only one hand and use at any place or any time.

Even though a Tablet is more practical than a Laptop, it had to compensate on some of the features since a Tablet has a smaller memory. In terms of usability, a Tablet is somewhere between a Laptop and a Smartphone. It's for that reason that the tablet is intended to work on small documents on the go in order to transfer them afterwards onto a Laptop or Desk Pc.

Bottom-line: All the 'small' actions which you used to do on your laptop or are now possible on your tablet

The difference between the first generation of tablet computers and the current generation are enormous. The first tablet generation came with a stylus pen. This pen allowed the user to control the tablet. The new tablets are based on an advanced touchscreen. They only need the touch of your finger in order to perform. Unlike a Laptop, a Tablet has no need for a separate keyboard. The Tablet's keyboard is combined with its touch screen. But for those who prefer, users are able to buy an extra accessory to link an external keyboard. So those who are not familiar with the touch screen can use the Tablet Pc with ease.

Early examples of a Tablet concept originated in the 20th century mainly as prototypes like Alan Kay's Dynabook of 1968. Microsoft picked up the idea in 2000 and creates the Microsoft Tablet Pc. This relatively unsuccessful product was intended for a niche market like hospitals and outdoor businesses.

In 2010, Apple released the iPad, which became the first successful tablet on the commercial market. This has sparked a new market for tablet computers and a variety of other manufacturers have produced versions of their own.

The removal of the Stylus has been an important evolution for the Tablet. Since it's most important feature is convenience in mobility. Without the Stylus you are capable to use your tablet where ever you want without external attributes. Furthermore, the ease of a Tablet is enlarged by the use of applications. Applications simplify internet use since it predefines your actions.

Your tablet, like any other computer device, has no restrictions on the global use of the internet through a Wi-Fi connection or a data-provider.
So thanks to your Tablet you are globally connected in the most convenient way.

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