Wednesday, October 24, 2012

unlocking Huawei USB modem FREE!!!!

I regret having abandoned this blog for quite sometime now. I have been busy and I don’t think I can easily go back to blogging right now or even in the near future. So now, I just want to make this blog a place for putting some quick helpful tips and links that have been asked from me to share from time to time. A lot of friends and online pals have been asking me various solutions to different problems they have online or when just simply using their computer. It’s just getting a lot of my time responding to those queries of having the same topics over and over. I am not a computer geek or an internet wizard, but I can sometimes find solutions based on experiences and researches.

One of the problems that most people have asked me about lately is where to download the tool for unlocking Huawei USB modem. So without further ado, you can download the tool below absolutely free.

Click to get code

To unlock, you just need to remove the original sim from the modem and replace with a new sim from another network provider. The new sim will then prompt you to enter an “unlocking code” or “unlock number”.

To get the “unlock code”, check your Huwaei modem stick and look for the IMEI code/number.  You will need to enter this number the Unlocking Tool software and it will give you the “unlock code”.

Now there’s no need for you to buy separate USB dongles for different network providers! But remember that you have to make few changes in your connection settings each time you change your network provider. You can readily find the proper settings for these providers using Google searches. Enjoy!


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